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SurveyGizmo Revolutionizing Care at School of Imagination & Happy Talkers

When it comes to early intervention for developmental delays or disorders, the necessary tools and innovation are often inaccessible to those who need it most.  Since 2001, the School of Imagination & Happy Talkers has strived to break down the barriers which prevent educators and parents from being able to utilize cutting-edge methodologies.

The School of Imagination thanks its good friends at SurveyGizmo, an online data collection and management company, for its continued support in accomplishing those goals. SurveyGizmo’s HIPAA-compliant software enables us to automate and integrate nearly all of our screening, recording and data management processes. The new software is positively impacting every area of our organization, but most significantly how we screen children and help families access care.

When asked what motivated them to continue making such generous donations, Sandy McKee, a SurveyGizmo representative told us, “We at SurveyGizmo take pride in knowing that we help organizations, such as the School of Imagination & Happy Talkers, make decisions that bring about positive change by providing a tool to collect valuable information. The School of Imagination & Happy Talkers’ mission to bring out the extraordinary in every child aligns with our vision that we can all make a difference — one survey at a time.”

The automation, integration and secure data collection provided by SurveyGizmo’s innovative tools has dramatically improved our ability to care for our current children as well as serve more families in need of the services and care we provide.

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