School of Imagination Launches ‘Let’s Make a Match’ Campaign

The School of Imagination is pleased to announce it’s first-ever “Let’s Make a Match” campaign.

“Let’s Make a Match” offers multiple-platform donation opportunities to all SOI supporters and will work in tandem with the Quest Foundation’s commitment to double all donations made to the school and the Vogt Family Fund through June 2, 2017.


To lead the new campaign, SOI is excited to launch its partnership with eScrip, the longest-running, most successful shop-to-fundraise “electronic scrip” program in the U.S. Through eScrip, supporters can register existing grocery loyalty, debit, ATM and credit cards to help SOI. Using registered cards while paying for merchandise and/or dining at participating merchants will result in a percentage of each sale going directly to SOI. For more information, supporters are encouraged to visit or contact Jennifer Lombardi at

In addition, SOI supporters are encouraged to help the school maximize its fundraising opportunity with the Quest Foundation through all traditional means, such as tax-deductible donations and employer-matching programs. All donations, up to $50,000, will be matched by the Quest Foundation.


FAQ About eScrip

Q: How does the eScrip program work?

A: Supporters can register their existing grocery loyalty, debit, ATM and credit cards online at or by contacting Jennifer Lombardi at Supporters use their registered cards when paying for merchandise and/or dining at participating merchants. Visit for participating merchant locations and cards accepted by each merchant. The participating merchant contributes a percentage of the sale to SOI.

Q: What cards does the eScrip program accept for registration?

A: Grocery loyalty cards (from participating grocers), debit, ATM, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover cards and Diner’s Club.

Q: Is there any cost to SOI to enroll in the eScrip program?

A: There is no up-front cost to SOI. An administration fee will be deducted from supporters’ contributions each month.

Q: Who will have access to my card numbers?

A: eScrip uses card numbers solely to process the contributions generated by your purchases. Your card will never be charged for anything by eScrip. eScrip is among the few processors to maintain VISA “CISP” (Cardholder Information Security Program) certification for processors. Participating merchants approve of eScrip security system protocols.

Q: Could my purchase information be sold to third parties?

A: No, eScrip will not sell or rent any personally identifying information about program participants to any third parties.

Q: Are my purchases accessible to other merchants?

A: No, purchase activity is not shared between program merchants.

Q: Will anyone see what I buy at the store? 

A: No, purchase item detail is not sent to eScrip.

Q: What about online security issues?

A: is a VeriSign Secure Site. All information sent to this site is encrypted, protecting against disclosure to third parties.

Other questions? Contact:

Jennifer Lombardi

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